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Monday, October 01, 2007

Congratulations Coach Edwards!

We got up so darn early because we had a 8:30am game against Mexico. This was for 7th and 8th position and winning the game would be a moral victory for either team. No breakfast was available and the bus driver was 20 minutes late which was quite annoying to me. Not only did I not sleep because of the pain in my knee, I had to be warmed up and ready to compete at 6:30am. This is just crazy for me, being that it takes me a while to warm up my body. I am not young anymore. The locker room was freezing and I was a bit grumpy from not sleeping for four days in a row. I knew I have to compete so I shifted my focus to the game. There is not much to say about the game except that we lost even though we were leading for most of the game. We just went away from the game plan. My teammates played hard and I know they wanted to win the game. I came back to the hotel angry because the loss really affected me. I ate and took a nap they went to see the USA and Cuba championship game. The US was impressive in their win and showed off their young talents and veteran leadership. I cheered for them and in return they cheered for me when I got my award for most points in the tournament. I hugged Ann and congratulated her for the gold and she did the same for me and my award. It was a good to take that final picture with coach Donavan with the trophy and me in my Radford top. It seems like a great end to a lovely career as a player and a new start to an exciting one as a coach. My body is just not the same anymore but it sure went out with a bang. Thanks to Dianna Taurasi, Sue Bird, Tina Thompson, Seimone Agustus, Rebekkah Brunson, and Candice Parker for all the stuff they donated to my no-profit foundation. I am so looking forward to seeing my Radford staff and players for our new journey together.
Coach Edwards

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